Friday, June 26, 2009

Global Warming

Personally my biggest concern these days...
This year we have seen harshest of climate... Delayed monsoon in India.. Summer breaking mercury records... Glaciers melting at faster pace...rivers drying up...too much pollution, inefficient industries, negligible water treatment, no good ground water refill...
Where are we leading ourselves..

*Are those so famous cultures of world cant make people care about ecology
*Is the governments' only concern is inflation and recession so that it comes again in power
*Is our education only about earning money, how can people passed out of college ask such question as what can we do...tell us..
*Is it amusing for the rich, uncool for youth, not a matter of concern to the poor
*Are our elders only wanting us to respect them and not talk about sex
*Isn't it a issue for people living in ACs
*Isn't people without AC too contributing to it...
*If govt can control press, education, Rights, sexuality, alcohol, drugs Shouldn't it control ecology, pollution, hummer, deforestation too...
*Is it only for NGOs'
*Are we too forgetful to think about it in summer and laugh about it in the rains and forget in winters that whats waiting for us in summers


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