Monday, June 29, 2009

Voltas of TATA deserves a Bata

If I was to name best Indian company it would definitely be TATA. I even admire all those great personalities who have run the show at TATA till now...
BUT when its come to there cooling system venture Voltas it becomes totally uncool... Sort of pity them... So evident theme of TATA value for money transforms only into junk for money...anything but value.. As i can remember one of their ad campaign says 'chota kare bade ka kaam' but as a matter of fact it should be 'voltas kare garmi se paresan'... & another one says 'apka koi sapna pura ho na ho apka AC ka sapna jaroor pura hoga' and it should better be 'apka kuch chale ya na chale apka AC nahi chalega'.
All of you must be wondering why am I sounding so bitter.. Its because recently we thought of trying Voltas for office (backstabbing Hitachi which is so dependable at home)...
India oldest AC brand... and got them thanks to their omnipresent ads these days... It wasn't even a week of usage that one of them stop cooling... Not a problem .. Lodged a complaint ... Their repairman came... thanks too him instead of being able to repair the faulty one... the working one... stoped too...
The trail just the begin... when we follow up...Voltas customer care was so amazing and busy, they would pick up the call ask you to wait, talk & laugh in background AND disconnect the calls... The process was repeated four times... till the Gentlemen had mercy on us only to inform that it would be looked into... When asked about his seniors the guy says they are on leave... Moreover he doesn't even have number of head-office.. and THE CALL GETS DISCONNECTED
I guess i have said enough... You wanna hear what happened next lemme know..."AGAR APKA SAB KUCH BHI CHALEGA TAB BHI APKA VOLTAS NAHI CHALEGA" lol

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