Thursday, August 27, 2009

quotes @ RVS

1) Relationships and equations change...once they change thy can never be same...

2) Always run after your plans not dreams

3) Dream runners are only successful if thy are lucky but plan chaser are real gems their sucess is worth the effort..

4) I once said you are beautiful, that was a gross understatement ...

5) Nothing is more poisonous than tasting failure ..... success is the only elixir ..

6) live life or leave life

7)s it you who are in charge of yourself or is it your desires??? can you beat your desires and become self or you would lose to what Sigmund Freud said "we are out desires"

8)in time of so many names changes why cant we do a change in a nomenclature, which has over run its course and deserves to be changed for ages now! lets call humans animals and animals humans! it would justify there actions & morals, and would be a nice poetic justice

9) personal social responsibility

10) lets not towards any ideologies, but their common aim of human development!

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