Friday, November 27, 2009

bagia banchharam ki

had a nice evening yesterday day watching, Manoj Mitra's "Bagia Banchharam Ki", an evergreen comedy directed by Baharul Islam and translated in Hindi by Santwana Nigam. Presented by SRC Repertory at Sri Ram Center.
It was a unplanned treat, was at friends place when decided watch a play after a long time. Wasn't even sure how it would be, however a nice break was needed and risk paid off. the play was awesome, enjoyed every minute of it..
A thorough comedy, seemed like every character was veteran, one and half hours spend was better than few last movies i have watched. Dialogue delivery and direction was amazing.Everybody appreciated the act, each one of the audience was clapping after every 10 minutes.
It was unwinding and relaxing evening for me. The terrible headache was gone with in few minutes. Hope to catch more of them soon!

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