Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Second time we have a chance to say Eureka

Eureka! I have found the solutions! Should I run from my room at four o clock just he did! Alas mine idea is even more unacceptable; in most part of earth I would not be able to run a meter before I become history! Therefore need for disclaimer: this is a humorous thought, please don’t consider it as writers aim in life or writer being ideologically related to it, this article is just extension of a dream at 4 o’clock in morning which was scary enough that writer could not sleep and had to pen is down on paper for readers to let them know how weird his dreams are and how far he may in the madness! Oh mention of the dream is just coincidental, writer didn’t see the light nor did any supernatural creator appear to his dismay! To go step further this article is not intend to be blasphemous or sacrilegious but as mentioned its random absurd thought!
Now to begin with I have found solution of the one of the oldest and currently fiercest even than most sacrosanct , the religion riddle which is the best, which has best fundamentals and which one is relevant in today’s dynamic environment and how to become peaceful about it. Lets blend modern information technologies and knowledge of how the market works to create Religion Exchange Markets linked across the world! A virtual market where people can buy its bonds/derivative/scribes based on speculation, which in turn would be based on a) market fundamentals majorly due to every religion calling it self best, spiritual and of peace * B) technical analysis based on data showing trends of various aspect of various religions, like following, stickiness, tipping point, areas of expertise etc.
How would and why it solve that problems:
1) Would provide a space to work for fundamentalist of various religions to work for the religion either spreading it or telling its message in peaceful way as if they try to create problem it would directly effect the value of the derivative in the market & plummet it.
2) It would give money and motive to aforementioned people who are at the core of problem creation
3) It would help general public as it say it wants, it would help it move away from what few soi-distant people tell to more informed world where knowledge of one’s religion would be at most.
4) It would convey fundamentalist that consumer is the king, so they will have to sober up their ways, that would make sure they move towards what all holy book say peace!
5) General public will would not be duped in longer run as information would be widely available and any deviation from what’s said in religion to what’s happening or what is professed it is, would lead to weakening of derivative
Why is not wrong and why its a great idea:
1) Its not sacrilegious! As most religion agree there is nothing wrong in educating about the religion, and this would be most practical and undeceived way! Not even once drop of blood will be droped, it would not be top down i.e. few people having knowledge as saying its the best!
2) Its not sacrilegious! Again! As in most religion its allowed to convert! So again it would help in conversion based on true facts and knowledge about religion!
3) Its not sacrilegious! As it would result in no black-marketing in this sector, this would reflect on market fundamentals!
4) It would help in generating employment and giving viable option to disguised unemployment in terrorism sector! As this would need any special expertise or education just awareness about religion and one can trade!
5) Would result in peaceful world may be even help this world become non-nuclear!

Why this is not possible:
They would say its blasphemous! Then they would think its sacrilegious! And that would result in last opportunity left to have this world with religious but tolerant & peaceful! :0


sherri hesbacker said...

hi hun its very good and make a whole lot of sense to me, also people of all races need to get along together cuz it would be a more peaceful world dear and take a bite out of crime

mragank said...

religion my dear is a sensitive issue in country like ours n marketing ny of dez can hv as many reverse effects as da pluasible clauses u mentioned above.....lack of eduaction is da main reason y dey would nvr accept wats acceptable. besides urs is a very innovative idea of creating as mentioned in holy buks "PEACE"...:)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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