Monday, March 1, 2010

who is to be blamed!!!

why don't people talk more about people without food, more than billion starving people, why isn't today politics not about necessities! is food more important than nuclear power, inflation affecting rich, bailouts, religion, do we have a plan to sort it out... we hate politicians for tax they raise, we are never concerned for people who would never pay tax in their life....
Its not because of them but because of us.. the people .. we have become more hypocrite with time... what’s more important is self satisfactions and gratification of temporal whimsical needs formed by desires created by advertisement or achieving life of pleasure at any cost, we would sympathise more with crying beggar show in newspaper campaign but not with more than billion farmers living on less than dollar a day & paradoxically providing food for the world. We will cry foul when a major company is not pro-green but on micro scale do we do enough rather anything!
Let there be free trade but not as freakily as its happening now.
For example let’s talk about a Haiti: a country who is forced to eat clay cakes. Links below contains reference to its historical food production & population, thanks to bank trade (as free trade which leads one country from sufficiency to starvation just because some companies or countries can increase their bank balance).
The example above makes us believe its them ..unknown them, people who are at top, corporate or politician who just want money...BUT REALLY ITS US.... it’s us... As Sigmund Freud famously said “we are our desires”. We are running towards our personal desires and we are unconsciously blind toward any other thing or turn blind eye..
We make noise when there is bomb blast in our city, we make noise against bird flu so does we worry about rising prices, and these are the issues which are in our daily news live or paper.... isn’t it strange.... there is nothing about starving people, who are not even affected by inflation, people living under $2.5 a day, you may be thinking they are not many, you never see them... yea they are not too many just less then half of world population, around 2.6 billion. More than rich people you see on the earth, more than number of cars on this earth!!!!
They why are not they in news, why are we get to know about them, and even if we do why don’t we pay attention... because we aren’t interested... yea aren’t ... its not we don’t care for sorrows of other.. its just that we are little biased.. for feeling sad about something it has too be glamorised, dead of a pop star made our world moan but a nation surviving on clay biscuits was just a story! There is protection for luxury production industries of industrialising nations by branding & professing quality consciousness but free trade for localised food production without conscience & concerned for well to do farmers turning into starving liability for a country.
Am surprise when people say farmer shift from food crops to cash crops but they forget same nations also have advantage in cash crops too, it’s just market strategy, one move at a time. So Am surprised when Europe blames it on America, as hypocritical as general people...

Few links for data reference:

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