Friday, May 28, 2010

Beat the Naxals ! Save the people!

In INDIA biggest is how to beat Naxalite, solution lies in why? even if you their point that its by certain section for their rights! we will find the solution! to make the truth come out in open even if they succeed...! the truth would stop the fighters we need to stop their brainwasher!
Naxalism/Naxalite is not that small incident of Naxalwari or band of Robin Hoods...they hv merged, colobrated and developed and lead by their communist ideologues! and its too tough too beat these leaders by development and talk... Give them a place to call their own and experiment their pseudo communist idea,,,is what they want....(this small group of leaders)

How can i say.. look at their modus operendi globally.. customise to india..
that what they do .. karl M for borderless religious lesswork...but everywhere..they try to make his borderless dream work by making new borders..

1) what we need to is cut the link b/w them and normal people..their pseudo leaders and brainwashed fighters should be separated....
2) development of course is necessary, it has to be done... point to be noted currently these people damage any sort of infrastructure! how would they support development like this
3)we need to make sure we spread the message across other parts we need it to tell it to them(fighters), that they are against themselves, people and developement..

Our approach is going wrong because of three reasons!
1)Government being unfocussed about lot of things! even doesn't do well what its focussed on! It need to become government on many scale and centre and state need to have common focus and no cat fights!
2)We are democratic country doest mean communism can do anything within demography! those who say are representing it should have moral duty to make sure India works!
3)Role and effectiveness of policing to increase!

..i hv lot to say..
hw ever if anyone of u feel we may discuss about things!

... pointsfor guessing how..


$um@n said...

good thought

u said we have to cut the link between villagers and their leaders but many times they are supporting them for their basic needs and for money only...

and the second thing is they are fighting for some of their rights .

why government is not thinking on their issue ? why they take so much time on it and due to that many innocent people are dying ...


i hv written it short but its deeper ans both of those issues...1
1) support thm for basic right by dismantling in place infra? gandhi nvr did it? nor did any right men!
Its a communist way to make all of them dependent on leader..they break the link b/w gvt n ppl!
2) for rights? do thy really wanna talk? if it was rights thy wud hv done it long back....those brillent leaders if they use thr mind in constructive way do much more! look at innovations in africa
3)right govt isnt! it has not it ever since independece.. nowhere
thats why i am trying for something... contact me asap...

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