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365*2 days of escape and struggle - a personal life post

Its been almost two years, I last blogged - wrote my views and thoughts. Since lot has happened in the while and I was moving from desperate situations to other, I have decided to write a personal life blog, unlike my most other post till date. In two years, am not sure if I have any learning, however lot has changed. Realization of importance of patience and subduing of the rebellious streak has calmed the frustration and consequences of the struggle that has followed in last two years. Learning of spirituality has hopefully sank skin deep, resulting in falling of few more walls/barriers, world seems more of family then it seemed then. People I oppose and the ideologies I was against, now seem no more important. I biggest understanding has be been better understanding of materialistic nature of the world, its importance, maybe due to debts i have incurred as result of gaps in financial planning of my social organization's establishment. 

 Moving in rush from UK to India, with passion to start a my own brand of social organization at once, has had shocking crash landing. It started, when I arrived in Delhi around July, was interesting till my travel of Rajasthan in August, went worse till I went on to travel few constituency Uttar Pradesh in election around mid Jan. Continues when I arrived in Mumbai to search for job, which I hadnt planned in last 3-4 years. Delhi was the new this time. 

It was fun and relaxed if I look at it now. If traveling Rajasthan from Jaipur to Ajmer, moving to Jaiselmair then Jopdhpur ending at Udaipur was beautiful, unnerving and interesting rest all was drastically opposite. Then it seemed like my tower of silence, after couple of months of running from one office to another, after one person to another to get the social organization registered with almost no support from anyone except few friends. It was in between struggle for basic essentials, few things i guess are of no use talking about but would be remembered for life. Few months passed in a jiffy, compiling paper, getting right people on them, in initiating things as soon as it happened, end of the saving nearing. In the rented apartment I had, there are was always stream of people/friends/strangers coming in and staying for few weeks. It seemed almost like dharmashala or a road side pit spot. Now in retrospection it seems those where metaphorical bad days - to recall a incidence my landlady moved my belonging of 1BHK out on the open roof almost 10 days before my contract was ending(MIND IT - MY RENT WAS PREPAID OF THIS MONTH TOO) as while I was away understanding rural side of UP in elections,she has found a tenant. All temporary roommates had also finished their work in Delhi and were leaving for their home, after depositing keys with the landlady.  As soon as I came back, and was about to take out keys to open the lock, I saw no lock was there. Surprised, I called the people staying in my flat to check if one of them has shifted his relatives there. As soon as I realized their is a big goof-up, I met my landlady and listen to hear story of how she feels that I am her son and she knew I would understand thats why she moved my stuff from the extra laptop, bedding, kitchen, degrees to cloths out in sun and rain.At that moment all I had was laugh, life was coming with one joke after another. Best thing I could do was smile and move on.

 My understanding of depth of destitute(not level as level i feel are just numbers now) and lack of governance in India, was turning point I feel. Sometimes I too feel what i choose after was an escape, however when I was making a decision it felt the best way forward in life and its passage. Must have traveled at least 350 villages till March. Sometime covering 9-10 villages in the day in convey of cars, at few of the instance leading the convey, sometime traveling whole day on foot -padh yatra from one village to another, covering 6 villages in the day. Traveling in one of the most underdeveloped districts in India #Badaun where just couple years back one can hear stories(real life incidence) of country-made/smuggled gun toting docaits(like we show in #Sholay and #Clint Eastwood movies). Places where when last time Samajwadi Party came to rule in the state, couple of villages of lodha rajputs on lonely banks of Ram Ganga, were several night. Where a dacoit called #Kallu, rolled tractor with harvester over 9-11 innocent people forcefully laid on their own farming fields, chopping them into pieces. The same Ram Ganga, which we call Ganga, which swells again with water when farmers is blessed with great monsoon and just before he can enjoy the blessing, makes sure the blessing turns into sorrow as government again is missing to save them from flood. No wonder global super power in agriculture production are waiting for Indian Government snail paced thoughtlessness to pick up pace, made start importing from abroad food grain it can export to world and gradually destroy its indigenous agricultural production.
I left for Mumbai but bad luck :P came along at least of sometime, as within a month wallet was flicked, then my blackberry bold.

There have been some High points too- 
  • working with Japanese student in Glasgow to raise funds for Japanese earthquake victims ... #Glasgow for Japan 
  • with NUS - thought didnt spend enough time there make sure the name of Black student campaign changes to Ethnic Minority - one of the task i took on and still want to finish... why do we need to create a color barrier when we want no bias on skin color #NUS 
  • Internship with GHRD... commendable work #GHRD does for marginalized .. specially woman, religious and linguistic minorities Traveling UK for GHRD- 
  • staying with interesting people I had just had an introduction : Thanks to all of you... I have stayed with in UK # its was a pleasure to know you all and spend time....always be a fond memory.. I have hundreds of names to mentions here  
  • Political Activism- almost everything i realized has made a mark.. from pad yatra, to canvassing in convey, organizing the event for big leaders speeches ...  
  • Hill Walking/Climbing
  • Establishing #GUDS - GCU Universal Dharma Society 
  • organizing and doing  protest in #glasgow in support of Anna very first time he sat on fast
  • Great Friends I made on the way- 
  • Thanks so much all of you... apologies for not been able to keep in touch.. humble request ..please feel free call,text, mail/message anytime...  
  • Finally - struggle and consequences of following the dream and failing at it miserable atleast for time being

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