Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Setting a Bad Precedent: Sham Innocence

Setting a Bad Precedent: Sham Innocence

Too many times we get over emotional forgiving the mistakes, over burdening the public opinion almost swaying in favour of the culprit if not the crime, ignoring the deeds and the betrayal, and siding with spine doctors especially if it’s our heartthrob fall from grace. We wait neither for eugenics if only the offender is not faking coming back to senses nor make sure swift delivery of justice, rather the air becomes heavy with sob saga paving for soft acquittal of guilty.

In matter of couple of days, two cases of betrayal, ingenuity and shame have capture attention of this struggling nation - IPL spot fixing with star culprit Sreesanth and Sanjay attempt to trade his already minuscule punishment with emotional pitches and public endorsements. Both situations may have been avoided, if law was not subjugated in favour of public persona and stopped the culture of setting bad precedents. Had star criminals like  Mohammad Azharuddin for his venturing into match fixing, Sanjay Dutt for keeping company of Ak-47, grenades and underworld at the time of Mumbai blast, things may have been different.

However rather than implicating culprits for deed we are showering them with gifts, Sanjay Dutt initially arrested under TADA but gradually TADA was repealed to let crime go more or less unpunished. Once in middle of match fixing ex-captain of Indian team, Azharuddin is now Member of Parliament from Moradabad Constituency. Salman Khan roams free after driving over labourers and shooting black bucks (cases motionless in court). No wonder, good incentive for mind with criminal tendencies – letting glamour and power call shots aren’t we sending wrong message to a prospective offender. We should shameful that innumerable Salman Khans and Shakti Kapoors almost scot free or even award in India. Is this the reason of spike in crimes, on streets, towards children and women, criminalisation of youth and politics, corruption among so called educated classes, promises of easy life and easy exits? How does youth of today see as role models? Do we want toothless enforcement agencies?

If we continue with the prevailing tendency, we as society not questioning what we stand for, what we support, not stating clearly that justice delayed is justice denied and wondering rational for being concerned. Are we clueless about whose justice is denied – apparently the answer is ours - civil society, consumer, country, and humanity. When a person misuses the position to either cross the bridge unethically obtaining an unfair advantage or joins the bomb blasting conspirators, it’s putting our life and the general public at stake. We are the prime stakeholders of the modern state – all the three/four of its pillar stand on us and to connect the dots for us. The legislative, executive, judiciary and the media, would be feeble and useless we are not actively participating in the working. 

Only in state of lawlessness and disorder, such apathetic unscrupulous personalities can buy public opinions and judgments. Remember the public outcry Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky controversy and corporate scams generate in US, Chinese criticised a controversial war memorial by Japanese leaders, outrage against
Silvio Berlusconi Italy’s Prime minister – all for misuse of office. Why this is missing here, misuse of office and frauds are crimes and we need to ensure fast redressal system.

Rather than be sympathetic or indifferent towards crocodile tear shedding, half mocking and non-repenting culprits, we need to make sure it’s clear in black and white one cannot take laws in hand just for pleasure and fancies. And in case of repenting, one must before asking for leniency start from offer public apology and full cooperation to the system giving details of the conspirators and involvement. Till people start participating as stakeholder of this system, understanding their rights and duties, these social lacunas would not be plugged and the system remain corrupt and biased towards the elite exploiters.

Till then criminals would go scot free, stalking, and misusing any opportunity and we would keep on burying our necks like ostrich sham innocence. The justice would be denied, inequalities would prevail and society would not be safe.

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