Friday, May 13, 2016

Global-preneurship Conference in Cote d'Ivoire: Supported by Erasmus Programme

In continuation with the Global Preneurship project, lead by the ZOJA (Slovenia), the SCYP team represented India by Ravindra Vikram Singh from May 7th to 15th, as sole representative from the country.

Global Preneurship was a week long program that entailed workshops, meeting people from business backgrounds, looking at start-ups and cross country business development. Delegates were selected from 7 different countries that are developing and the young professionals that were part of it came from non profit backgrounds. The idea was also to make the non profits self sustainable through developing effective business models. The countries that mainly participated in the week long program were India, China, Nepal, Slovenia, Philippines, Vietnam and Ivory Coast, and three continents. There was an emphasis on the possibilities for the employment and entrepreneurship in the fields of ICT and the environmental solutions (like waste management, renewable sources, energy efficiency).  The program is funded and supported by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

We started with exploring Abidjan on Sunday, 8rth May, supposedly the economical capital of Cote d’Ivoire, however in all respect the capital of the county. One of the first thing, I realized on the trip all the initially we aren’t even get the country name right, it’s not Ivory Coast, it is Cote d’Ivoire, Ivory Coast is how English call the country. The first evening stroll at the Lagune Ebrie, named after local trip Ebrie who were the original inhabitant around the lagoon, was relaxing. So was visiting the local market, CAVA Centre Artisonal De Ville d’Abidjan in Zone 2 and having dinner at Chez Heline. Next day, our first meeting was at CGECI (Conferation of Cote d’Ivoire Companies) hosted by Gerord Konadio, economist in charge of statistics. The discussion involved the structure & composition of Industry in the country and its labour force. Then we went to a local school for autistic kids, it was special and memorable part of the day.

The third day trip to the capital Yamoussoukro, where we visited Foundation Felix Houphouet Boigney Pour La Recharche de la Paix, we had an enriching discussion about Gandhi and also how they can collaborate with India in near future. 

The next day panel discussion with entrepreneurs, the meeting illustrated similarity in business opportunities in the developing nations and also similarity between struggle and aspirations of entrepreneurs. In India too, in recent years, we have seen my online payment companies cropping up, being in social spear I have met my social entrepreneurs into online education for school via mobile, tablets, and computers. Story of all three of them was inspiring, Mrs. Patricia Zoundi Yao, for been one of the few successful female successful entrepreneur in the country and her interesting work for online money portal mainly for farmers and rural people. 

The trauma workshop by Anna, was amazing to understand how trauma and stress, and how person a person suffering from stress and trauma can work their way out of it. I had also went out to meet the ambassador of India, however, there was acting dignitary in his place, C. Doss Jeyakumar, we discussed about Indian living there and also about coming state visit to the Ivory Caost. It was also interesting to discover India has good trading relation with the Ivory Coast.

Almost end the end, we made a video for iCFDR and Make in India promoting our cloths. It was a creative and enjoyable active. The link of the video:

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